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Reciprocating Stepped Feeders

Alphamation's range of reciprocating stepped feeders operates on the principle of a series of interrelating blades that lift the components from the integral bulk hopper.

The reciprocating movement is electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically powered, depending on the application. The components being handled are discharged from the top blades onto a vibratory linear feeder or conveyor transfer track, where they are selected and orientated into the required position for presentation to machines or equipment for further operations.

reciprocating_step_feederThese feeders can handle a very wide range of items from small, delicate components (for assembly or machining operations), to handling billets for induction heating or press operations. Components can be orientated and fed in single or multiple lines to suit customers’ requirements.

Ancillary escapement and transfer mechanisms can also be supplied as an integral part of these feeders.