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Weld Nut Feed Systems

nut_feederOur weld nut feed systems incorporate the latest design features to give greater accuracy and alignment of nut placement. The bowl feeder mounted independently of the welding machine, allows convenient positioning and low level location for ease of bulk loading, however a smaller system can be mounted on top of the welding machine. This offers space saving around the welding machine. The restricting factor with this system is the limited size of nut that can be handled.

Nuts are transferred singly along a flexible nylon track by a blow feed escapement to the injector head which features an electro-magnetised placement rod for positive nut placement. The system is supplied with its own PLC sequence controller for ease of interface with any type of spot or resistance welding machine.

  • Electro-Magnetic attraction gives positive nut placement.
  • Adjustable mounting gives added flexibility to injector head.
  • Single or twin injector head.
  • Caters for all types of nuts.
  • Single or double track feed systems available.
  • Optional bulk hopper feeder.

The injector head with its electro-magnetic placement rod has a very positive nut holding and location during transfer.