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Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Vibratory Bowl Feeders are powered by a totally encapsulated electro-magnetic coil driving through a series of laminated fibre glass leaf springs. The solid base vibrates in resonance with the top platform and bowl, which creates high levels of directional drive.

Speeds of up to 22 metres per minute can be obtained allowing high rates of component feed.

A standard range of bowl sizes are available from 80mm to 1000mm diameter and they can be supplied manufactured in mild or stainless steel or cast aluminium with the option of internal polyurethane lining.

The vibratory bowl feeders can be supplied with plain feed flights or completely tooled for the selection and orientation of specific components and applications.

Each vibratory bowl feeder is supplied with a variable speed controller and is suitable for operation from a standard single phase electrical supply.

Vibratory bowl feeders can be configured to run in conjunction with Belt elevators for bulk supply and/or Linear Feeders for buffer and storage.

Bowl feed systems can be used for component feeding or component sorting and grading. Alphamation can also manufacture total feed systems which may include:

  • Counting devices
  • Pick and placement units
  • Vision Systems for inspection or selection
  • Gauging systems
  • Electronic control panels
  • Bulk feed systems